Friday, November 12, 2010

First, fastest and easiest vCard Contacts importer for the iPhone

Read vCard is a light weight iPhone App, that utilizes the File Sharing feature on the iPhone/iTunes, to import vCard files into your iPhone Contacts.

This small App, will copy all the phone numbers on the vCard to your Contact on the iPhone, unlike other methods used, which will copy only one phone type for the same contact.

vCard file is a standard format for saving the Contact information, which is supported by almost all the mobile brands, e.g. Nokia, Sonny Erricsson, Samsung...

With few easy steps you could export your Contacts in vCard files format from your old phone, and with iTunes, add the vCard files to the Read vCard Documents folder:

The on the iPhone, open Read vCard App and with 2 easy click, you will have all your Contacts imported !

Buy it now from the App Store:

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